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My Approach to The Law

​Licensed to practice law in Florida since 2002 and Michigan since 1991, I focus on  residential and commercial real estate, title insurance, estate planning, and  business law.

As an attorney at law, I understand and know the law; but more importantly I use that knowledge and understanding to give informed counsel and advice to my clients - applying the rules of law to the specific client's current circumstances and needs.

I establish an informal rapport with clients, listening, advising and teaching them what they need to know to obtain the best possible outcome. My clients consider me their “family lawyer” and call upon me with any issue for advice or referral to other trusted counsel.

I hope this website will help you to keep me in mind as your "family lawyer" and to advise or remind you of the services I provide and to use as a referral tool.  I invite you to chat with me online or send me your email address so I can share helpful information from time to time.

"I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend."


Thomas Jefferson


Areas of Practice

Estate planning is the process of determining what one wants to happen and deciding how to make it happen as smoothly and efficiently as possible, preferably without probate.  <More>

I provide services in the field of real estate closings, title insurance, contracts, estate planning and business development. I am a full service title and settlement firm offering escrow services, title searches and title insurance.  I am a member of The Fund and an agent of Old Republic National Title Insurance Company.  <More>

Using precise knowledge of business and my client's endeavors, I mix business acumen and legal know-how to give the best results to my client's challenging legal matters.  <More>

Supreme Court of the United States
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